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Incredible Remington Rand “Bring Back” 1911

Price:   $10,600.00

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Details: This classic WWII 45acp pistol was built at the Remington Rand Typewriter factory in 1943.

It has gone through a full mechanical and cosmetic restoration returning it to its battle used glory. Frame and slide fit was tig welded up and CNC machined. Tight fitting reproduction barrel installed. All new competition grade internal parts installed. The roll marks were re-engraved and the correct parkerized finish applied.

Capping it off are a genuine pair of Messerschmitt Plexiglas canopy “Sweetheart” grip panels with Naughty & Nice Pinup photos underneath. Comes with an original WWII used officers style under arm leather holster, and a recreated military delivery box.

This is an amazing pistol that shoots as good as it looks. You will be showing everyone you own a piece of American History.