I have been carrying custom 1911 pistols for a couple decades ranging from moderate customization to ground up builds. Most were carried every day, a few on duty while working as a detective, or lieutenant. My primary EDC remains a custom 1911. Each has its own characteristics, one might even say personality. Unlike production pistols, customs reflect the personality of not only the user but the builder. Jesse James Cisco 1911 is no exception. Jesse James Firearms are all about individuality, nothing is “production”, about them, nor is he saddled with some need to conform. Each is his vision of what that firearm should be leaving normal behind. Few pistol smiths today can actually build a 1911 starting from a lump of steel forged in their own foundry. Not sure it gets more custom. Testing the Cisco 1911 over a few months in various conditions it proved accurate, well built, with tight tolerances, rivaling similar custom 1911 pistols in its price range. It was completely reliable with a variety of magazines and produced 1.5 inch groups at 25 yards using four different brands of self defense ammunition. If you are looking for something ranging from a one of a kind custom to functional artistry Jesse James Firearms is the place to look. Each will shoot, and look about as good as it gets doing it.


Lieutenant Dave Bahde (retired) has been a professional firearms instructor and consultant for over two decades. He has assisted tactical teams and police departments in firearms selection, implementation and deployment, along with developing training programs. Dave is a recognized subject matter expert on firearms, tactics, and use of force in both State and Federal Court. Continuing Dave is currently on staff at Gunsite Academy and remains a strong advocate for concealed carry and home defense. He continues to train and competes in both 3-gun and Precision Rifle Competitions. Dave holds both a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

Dave Bahde
Firearms and Tactical Consultants