Nomad Rifles

The JJFU range of Nomad rifles are just that; never pinned down, go anywhere guns. Versatility and functionality backed by Jesse's notorious CNC machining and design experience make the Nomad a clean, minimalistic performer that will impress the most discerning shooters. Our entire line of Nomad rifles are designed, machined, and assembled 100% in-house. Starting with zero-tolerance, every rifle is hand lapped and precision fit to remove all slop, creating the smoothest, most accurate rifle you will ever shoot. Each Nomad is hand fit, assembled, and test fired by Jesse in Austin, Texas.

Nomad Base Configurations:

Nomad 15 | 5.56 or 300BLK. 16" Steel Barrel. $3,499

Nomad 10 | .308. 18" Steel Barrel. $5,000

Nomad Califas| 5:56. 18" Steel Barrel. Ban State Legal. $3,499

Nomad Pistol | 5.56. 7"- Barrel. $3,499

Nomad Police Special (SBR) | 5.56 or 300BLK. 10" Barrel. NFA. $5,000

Nomad Bolt | 300 WMG. 22" Barrel $12,500

Options include, but are not limited to: JJFU Pop-Up Iron Sights | JJFU Skelly Fore-Grip | JJFU Rock Crawler Bi-Pod | JJFU High Angle, Long Range Grip | JJFU Aero Sonicīƒ” Low Signature Firing System | JJFU La Bomba Suppressor | Cryo-Treated, Fluted Bull Barrel | Carbon Fiber Barrel | Ambi/ Side Charger | A Variety of Optics | A Variety of Stocks | Custom Cerakote and Hardware Finishes.

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