The JJFU Nomad rifle is just like the name says. It is a never pinned down, go anywhere gun. It is versatility backed up with Jesse James' 21 years of CNC machining and design experience, making the Nomad a clean, minimalistic performer that will leave even the most hardened shooters impressed. All of our Nomad rifles are designed, machined, and assembled in-house. Starting with zero tolerance, each rifle is  precision fit to remove any slop in any of the fittings, providing probably the smoothest, most accurate rifle you will ever shoot. Each Nomad is hand fit, assembled, and tested by Jesse in his garage workshop in Austin, Texas.

Nomad Rifles Base Configurations

  • Nomad WM - "Workin' Man's" - 5.56 -Steel Barrel $2,399
  • Nomad 15 - 5.56 or 300BLK Caliber 16" -Steel Barrel $3,499
  • Nomad 10 - .308 Caliber 18" -Steel Barrel  $5,000
  • Califas Nomad - 5:56 Caliber 18"- Steel Barrel $3,499
  • Nomad Pistol - 5.56 7"- Barrel $3,499
  • Police Special (SBR)- 5.56 or 300BLK caliber- 10" Barrel $5,000
  • Nomad Bolt - 300 WMG 22" Barrel $12,500

The Nomad 15, Nomad 10, Nomad Pistol, and Police Special SBR all come with the JJFU Skelly Grip and JJFU Handguard. 

Customizations include Cryo Treated Fluted Bull Barrel, Carbon Fiber Barrel, a variety of Optics, JJFU Iron Sights, Stocks, and  Custom Cerakote and Hardware Finishes.